Great Design Ideas for Tiny Yards

Everyone wants huge backyards with a lot of lawn space, trees and entertainment area, but not many people realize just how much effort it takes to maintain a space that big...

Everyone wants huge backyards with a lot of lawn space, trees and entertainment area, but not many people realize just how much effort it takes to maintain a space that big. Keeping small yards trimmed and clean is much easier and faster, and it comes with only a bit of square footage compromise. Here are just some of the ideas that can turn a tiny yard into an outdoor area full of beauty and fun.

Create a perfect atmosphere

If you love to spend time outdoors, especially during the spring and summer, then here’s a backyard addition for you—a fire pit! Fire pits are perfect for small backyards that can’t support an entire outdoor kitchen and they do wonders for the aesthetics and functionality of your space. They will provide you with extra warmth and lighting, but you can also use them for roasting marshmallows and faux camping. Kids will simply adore it (just make sure to teach them about fire safety)! Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even try a little DIY and make your own model.

Take your gardening to the sky

Since it’s impossible to add more width to your tiny backyard, you can utilize the vertical space and create a hanging garden that will impress everyone. Vertical gardening will not only provide you with more free space, but also invite the eye to look up, which will create an illusion of a larger square footage. One easy beginner plant for vertical gardening is definitely ivy (it doesn’t need any hanging planters), but you can also try with different types of fern or even edible plants like spinach or chili.


Install a small pool

Most people think pools can only fit in huge yards, but the truth is that you don’t have to go big. If you want a place where you can cool off, relax and unwind, getting a cozy 2 person outdoor spa can be a perfect solution for you and your tiny yard. All you need is 2×1.5 meters of space and you can have yourself a water feature that will turn your backyard from just another outdoor space into a beautiful spa oasis.

Choose the right seating

If you want to boost comfort in your backyard, you must invest in some comfy seating. However, not all outdoor furniture was created the same. Some models will fit better in your small yard and make it look larger. So, make sure to choose seating that is lower to the ground and leave the higher portion of the space free. This will create an illusion of space and make your backyard super comfy and chill.

Create a bar

If you just don’t have enough space for a table and seating, you can still have your morning coffee or evening drink outside. The solution to your problems is a backyard bar! It takes up minimal space (all you need is a wider board and a few tall chairs) and it adds elegance and sophistication to your backyard. It’s also perfect for families who love to entertain!

Light it up

The right lighting can make even the smallest of spaces look airy and comfy. So, make sure to give your tiny yard plenty of light to brighten up even the most awkward of corners. Layer your lighting from lanterns or wall sconces for general lighting, to smaller lamps for task lighting (curling up with a good book in your backyard, anyone?) and some gentle fairy lights for a touch of magic. These last ones will especially appeal to kids, since they can make even the simplest outdoor game seem more magical.

So, don’t be disappointed in the size of your yard. With only a few smart design elements, your tiny yard will leave a huge effect on you and your guests.

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