7 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Job Search [Infographic]

How exactly do you do that? How do you turn social media from an enemy into an ally? A-Writer.com has the answers. In their infographic, you’ll discover 7 steps that lead you to your successful presentation as a job candidate through social media.

What kind of job are you looking for?

It doesn’t matter. There’s only one fact: the competition is tough no matter what position you compete for. Whenever you send an application, you know that dozens or hundreds of other people want that job, too. Most of them have similar qualifications and experience as yours. So how do you get noticed?

The application itself is important, so you do your best to craft the perfect resume and cover letter. Will you stop there? Of course not! You have to get into the mind of a recruiter or hiring manager. Whenever they are faced with an open position, they want to fill it in with the best candidate. They don’t evaluate the best candidate solely through the resume; they want to see the person, too.

That’s when social media gets into the picture.

This is the process that most recruiters go through: the review of applications, checking out the applicants’ online reputation, inviting few for an interview, and choosing the best one.

When they are about to check your online reputation, they will Google your name. If there’s a blog or a good-looking website under your name, you’ll win bonus points. However, they will also pay attention to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media profile they find. What they see there will help them form impressions of your character.

Are you a good friend? Are you generous? Do you care about the environment? Do you have strong social values? Are you good at discussions? When you’re active on social media, your profiles provide all that information.

When a hiring manager tries to find information about you on social media, they will expect to find it. So don’t even think about going all private or deleting your profiles. Think about improving them. The first thing you need to do is hide all details that show you as a bad character. Scroll down the timeline to see if you’ve posted offensive content or comments. Search your name in Facebook’s search bar, so you’ll see if you’re tagged in an inappropriate photo you forgot all about. Get rid of anything that shows you in a bad light, and start producing better content for social media.


Infographic by A-Writer.com

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