Biggest Bridal Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

How to avoid the biggest bridal makeup mistakes and have a stress free wedding day.

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, but sometimes the desire to look flawless can take you to a totally wrong direction. Instead of accentuating your best features, you can easily get carried away, thinking you should emphasize every single part of your face, which can result in not so gorgeous a visage. Therefore, if you’re getting ready for tying the knot and you can’t make up your mind about your maquillage, we’ve got a few pointers that will help you avoid some of the biggest makeup mistakes brides make.

Not hiring a professionalNot hiring a professional

Nowadays the vast majority of women are interested in makeup, so they decide to try and see if they can be the next big deal in the world of makeup artists. If you’re one of them, our advice is to not experiment on yourself for your big day, but let a professional take care of your wedding maquillage. Even if your best friend or cousin is starting their journey in the world of makeup artists, it’s still a much better idea to hire a well-trained and experienced makeup artist rather than risk looking like a raccoon or putting too much highlighter everywhere on your big day.

Forgetting to schedule a makeup trial

You know how you always use testers at the makeup store to try out the shade of foundation or lipstick? Well, the same goes for your entire makeup look. You can’t know whether the lipstick you had your eye on and the eyeshadow you love work together until you try them on in one look. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to schedule a makeup trial a few days before your wedding day. This way you will have time to change your mind if you don’t like the current look.

Dismissing your eyebrowsDismissing your eyebrows

Foundation is one of the main makeup products women use, aside from mascara and lipstick. However, eyebrows are a very essential part of your face as well because they frame your face and give it an entirely new dimension once they’re well groomed. So, don’t forget to pluck them on time and look for the best eyebrow makeup products that will help them look their best if you end up doing your wedding makeup all on your own. A good pencil, brow pomade or powder makes a big difference, so make sure you go with the right shade and look only for high-quality eyebrow makeup products.

Bold all the way

Another makeup mistake you should avoid making on your wedding day is accentuating every part of your face. Smoky eyes and ravishing red lips will look great but on two separate looks. Therefore, if you decide to do your wedding makeup by yourself, accentuate only one feature, and balance out the rest of your face with mild hues. A soft, glamorous, look should be something to strive for, so don’t go too harsh on the smoky eye, but try to tone it down with less dramatic shades.

Putting on false lashes for the first timePutting on false lashes for the first time

Even though false lashes look amazing in photos, giving you that red carpet glam, you shouldn’t decide to wear them on your wedding day if you’ve never worn them before. Not everyone is comfortable with false lashes right away, and they can cause your eyes to water, which is definitely not something you want on your wedding day. You will certainly shed a few tears on your own, so you don’t need a makeup feature making you cry too. Therefore, think about trying them on at your trial makeup appointment, and if you can go through an entire day wearing them, then, by all means, include them in your wedding maquillage.

Choosing lipstick over lip stain

All the drinking, congratulating kisses, and eating will wear off the lipstick if you go with sheer, shimmery or even glossy finishes. Instead of spending half of your wedding day thinking about whether you need to touch up your lipstick or not, go with a lip stain that won’t come off for hours no matter what comes in contact with your lips. Only a makeup remover can make the stain go away, so stay away from lip glosses and lipsticks and make a safe choice with a long-lasting lip stain.

A flawless makeup look is every bride’s dream, so make sure you have the previously mentioned mistakes in mind when you start thinking about your wedding look. Hire a professional, have a makeup trial, pay attention to your eyebrows, go bold with only certain parts of your face, use false lashes only if you can withstand wearing them for several hours, and always choose lip stain over lipstick.

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