How to Choose a Laptop

Best tips when getting the best laptop for your needs.

Buying a laptop can be a rather large and long-term purchase. It’s a device that could greatly help you with your workload or it can just be a computer that’s versatile and sturdy enough for daily use.

In any case, it can help to prepare for the purchase by being clear about your needs and the price you’re comfortable with. Once you have this figured out, take the time to explore and shop around because this can actually save you a pretty penny and it shouldn’t take more than a few days.

Screen sizeScreen size

There are a few considerations to be made when it comes to the screen size. First of all, a larger screen will make you more comfortable when you’re using the laptop for longer periods of time, especially when watching or editing videos and images.

However, a larger screen also means a heavier laptop that’s harder to pack and transport. Before making the decision, think about where you plan to use the computer and how long you commute. You can’t have both the comfort of use and the comfort of transport and you need to decide which is more important.

Battery life

When deciding on the type of battery you need, again it helps to have an idea of how you plan to use the device. If you are going to make the laptop your main workstation, that means it can be plugged in for the most of the day. If you plan to use it during a commute or you travel a lot, a longer battery life might come in handy.

For a computer that won’t leave your desk, a 3 hour battery life is enough. A laptop for general purpose use should last 5 hours, and those who travel a lot should consider a battery life that lasts at least 7 hours.

What will you use it for?What will you use it for?

The main feature that will drive the price of the laptop is its CPU power. The more powerful the CPU is, the more versatile the device will be. An average buyer doesn’t have to be familiar with these technical details; it’s enough that they know the main purpose of the laptop they are purchasing.

For instance, a good gaming laptop will require a stronger CPU, better graphics and a screen to match gaming needs, while a work computer doesn’t need all those features, unless you work in video editing.

Do you plan to use it as a tablet?

Two in one laptops are becoming very popular lately. Those devices can be easily turned into a tablet just by removing the screen from the keyboard. It’s a useful feature for those who read a lot and don’t want to strain their eyes by using the computer screen.

It’s also a more expensive device than an ordinary laptop. The same effect can be accomplished by purchasing two separate devices, but then again, that creates an additional packing problem.

The priceThe price

In the end, you need to decide on the price you’re willing to pay for a laptop. That’s something that you need to decide before going into the store and not compromise with once you’re there.  It’s a bit different when buying a work computer because then there are additional considerations to be made.

If the laptop is a work device, you should try to calculate how much it will make you or save you in relation to your current setup. If the laptop pays for itself in the long-run, you can go beyond your budget.

Purchasing a laptop shouldn’t be something you do lightly. Consider how you plan to use the computer before making the final call.

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