Throwing a Luxurious Wedding on a Budget

Best tips for organizing a luxurious W=wedding on a budget

We all want our special day to be truly special. We go through many stages of wedding planning. Different people have different ideas of a perfect wedding. However, there is something that all brides and grooms of the world have in common – uncertainty of the size of the wedding. It’s difficult to decide how big and extravagant the wedding can and should be. We all have budget limitations and they vary from couple to couple. However, it’s not just about the financial limit, it’s also about sensibility. How big should we go? Isn’t there a smarter way to spend all that money? On the other hand, it’s our special day and we plan on doing it once in a lifetime, so we should go all in. After all, it’s not so easy to decide how far we can and should go. This is where we jump in to help you with some ways to avoid spending too much money but still maintain the lavishness of the wedding itself.

Simplicity = elegance

Don’t complicate your wedding decorations. If the theme is floral, let it be flowers and nothing else. If you prefer balloons, no problem, just don’t clutter everything into one giant mess. That surely doesn’t send the right message. Firstly, it doesn’t seem luxurious or elegant and secondly, it definitely costs an arm and a leg. It would be best if you choose white, beige or pink for the main colour. Pastels are simplicity’s best friends, so try thinking in that direction. Let the main idea that should guide you through the process be simplicity. Simple is glamourous, chic and lavish and the whole minimalistic approach will save you a few bucks as well.

Entrance and exit

If your budget is limited, you should keep the focus on a few main things – the entrance and the exit. Put a giant floral decoration on the entrance. Combine it with candles, ribbons or anything you want, but make it memorable. That can also be the place for taking photos later on. There should be music and lights pointed at you and your significant other as you enter the venue. You can spice it up with a vintage vibe and have all photos be black and white. Renting gorgeous wedding cars is a great idea for the exit. You can decorate the car any way you want, put up a personalized sign or anything that comes to mind. After the ceremony, it will pick you up and drive you off into the sunset.

Limit the guest list

Gigantic weddings are the arch enemies of a limited budget. You simply cannot juggle it all and after all, why would you want so many people to come to your special day? Wouldn’t it be better if only the ones dear to you were there and if you could arrange a hell of a party for them? This is easier said than done as these lists go on and on and it’s extremely difficult to cut people out. Nevertheless, if you just try to keep your feelings out of the equation, you’ll be able to reasonably decide who should and who shouldn’t be invited.

DIY for originality

Although this may not seem like an occasion for experimenting, some strategic DIY won’t hurt the glamour of your wedding. For instance, you can make your own paper invitations, ceremony programs, menus and seating cards. It’s nothing big, but it is a valuable stand on your checklist. If you have a creative side, you can make them yourself. If not, perhaps a friend or a relative can do it. If you have children, it would be very cute if they did it. Just make sure they fit the theme and colours and you’ll have nothing else to worry about.

Getting married on a budget isn’t supposed to scare you. You can do wonders with a small amount of money, the same as a horrible mess can be made with a lot of money. Taste is something not necessarily proportional to budget. It’s important to have an idea and good guidelines. If you plan your budget well, your wedding will be as lavish as you’ve ever hoped for.

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