How to Design a Perfect Patio

Best home related tips on how to design your patio.
How to Design a Perfect Patio

Designing a new relaxing area in your backyard will take plenty of meticulous planning if you want to build a perfect patio for your home. From the choice of materials to the location of the patio and all the way to the type of furniture you like for your new lazy nook, you’ll have to plan everything to the tiniest detail in order to create the perfect ambience for a relaxing alfresco. In case you need a bit more guidance, we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you build a wonderful oasis in your comfy home.

Assess your budgetAssess your budget

Before you start purchasing the materials you want to use for building a patio, make sure you know exactly how much money is at your disposal. Don’t risk picking out expensive materials only to realise you won’t have enough money for the furniture you’ve laid your eyes on. It’s essential that you pick out high-quality materials for the construction and you can wait on the furniture purchase until you have enough funds for it later in the future. You should also calculate the costs of laying the patio if you decide to hire someone instead of doing it on your own.

Think about the location

Most of the people make the patio accessible from the kitchen, but you can place it wherever you feel suitable. Just make sure it’s down as few steps as possible so it’s easily accessible to the youngest. If you’re thinking about having a getaway patio, then building it further down the backyard will be a great idea. You can even position it depending on the home’s landscaping because you’ll probably want to add some more greenery and plants around the patio. If the neighbouring homes overlook your backyard, you might want more privacy so you’ll stay away from the public eye.

Decide on the materialsDecide on the materials

Once you’ve calculated how much money you have, it’s time to go look for the types of materials you’ll use to pave the patio. It would be a good idea to go with materials that will complement the colour and style of your home. Concrete pavers are a low-cost but extremely durable and quality option, so feel free to order exposed aggregate concrete and build a lovely patio you’ll spend all of your free time on. Stone is another option, but a more expensive one, so you’ll probably want to go with concrete as it comes in a variety of shapes, textures and colours. Brick, slate and flagstone are all popular options for patio surfaces, but always consider the style of your home before you make the final decision.

Pick out the furniture

To create a custom dynamic space, you’ll need to pick out appropriate furniture. Sustainable and affordable patio furniture should be your number one option, but you should also have comfort in mind and equip your patio with comfortable lounge chairs. To add some character to the patio, think about getting a trendy outdoor rug and create a lovely alfresco decor. Pick from natural fibres such as sisal, hemp, jute, and seagrass because they’re very durable, sustainable, sound-absorbent, and will add texture to your new patio. You can also put a cocktail table and chairs on your patio if you aim to design a cozy cocktail space.

Planting optionsPlanting options

If you want to add more greenery to your patio and you’re a plant lover then think about incorporating trees, flowers and shrubs along the patio and let it blend seamlessly into the rest of the yard. With pockets of colourful, easy-care plants such as groundcovers and succulents, you’ll give your patio a unique dimension. For some more lovely smell, plant creeping thyme and your sunny patio will spread a lovely aroma every time you step on thyme. Certain types of greenery can offer shade and privacy as well, so if you don’t want your neighbours to invade your privacy from their terrace, planting a tree or letting the shrubs surround the patio will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Building a patio is quite an undertaking, so make sure you know exactly what you want and whether you can afford it. Choose the materials, furniture and plants carefully so that everything falls into place and you will be able to design exactly the kind of patio you wanted for your outdoor haven.


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