The Best 2019 Flooring Trends

If you want to invest in new floors this year, you may be in pursue of some of the latest trends and ideas.
The Best 2019 Flooring Trends

If you want to invest in new floors this year, you may be in pursue of some of the latest trends and ideas. And although you may not have great expectations from the options on offer, you might just be surprised. Yes, there are some evergreen flooring styles, hardwood probably being the top one, but there are also some innovations with regards to materials and colors you should take into consideration. Here are some of the 2019 flooring trends you should take a close look at.

Eco-friendly flooring

Even though environmentally-friendly flooring options aren’t something that only appeared this year, it’s something that people are increasingly turning to as their eco-awareness grows. Materials attained from various sustainable sources, as well as natural and recycled ones will become part of many homes in 2019. For example, cork is a smart option, harvested from the cork oak tree bark. The great thing about it is that it regenerates within about nine years, the material is non-toxic and the stripping of the bark is done in a way that doesn’t damage the tree. Reclaimed wood is another green material, often chosen due to its elegance, beauty and uniqueness. And let’s not forget bamboo, which is also an eco-friendly resource. It’s highly renewable, since it only takes about three to five years to fully grow. It’s easily maintained, water resistant and durable, which makes it attractive to many environmentally-conscious homeowners.

The Best 2019 Flooring Trends

Carpets for a luxurious home

As popular as hardwood and other hard-surface flooring materials are, don’t be surprised by the increasing use of carpets as a flooring option in different parts of homes. Although they’re primarily used in living rooms and bedrooms for extra comfort and warmth, you’ll be seeing more of them in spaces like entryways. You might expect people to choose darker colors for their entryways, so that they don’t show dirt from shoes, but a lot of people opt for lighter colors and different patterns, since they want their home to look luxurious as soon as you enter it. The variety of colors and patterns, along with a wide choice of materials is what makes carpets big this year. From exquisite tribal rugs to pet friendly ones and those made of natural materials, such as jute, wool, leather and cotton, a plush rug can be a beautiful addition to any part of your living space. And since they come in all shapes in sizes, they’ll fit wherever you decide to place them.

Rapid-lock vinyl planks

Some flooring options are better than others when it comes to areas such as bathroom and kitchen. Since it isn’t really recommended to use wood in these rooms, due to the danger of water damaging wooden floors, vinyl could be a good solution. Rapid-lock vinyl planks may look like hardwood, but their price is much more acceptable and they’re much easier to maintain. It’s simple to install them and it’s done in no time, since some versions don’t even require any subfloor preparation. You can actually install these on top of a tile floor without worrying it will show. These planks are lightweight, you can match them to create various patterns, they make almost no noise when you walk on them and they can even be made from recyclable materials. Cleaning them is a piece of cake and they provide plenty of underfoot warmth and comfort for any modern home.

The Best 2019 Flooring Trends

Tiles for appeal

Forget the old-fashioned one-color tiles in your bathroom area. This year it’s all about interesting white patterns and mosaics in white and black. Also, tiles don’t have to be square only, since subway tiles, chevron and herringbone will be all over the place in 2019. You can even mix styles and shapes on the floor, the walls and the shower area to spice things up a bit and add a personal touch to your bathroom. However, probably the biggest flooring trend for this year are wood-like tiles. Tiles that look exactly like wood will be used in many colors and styles, some of which will be hard to tell apart from real wooden floors. Shades of gray and white will be the most frequent, but definitely not the only choice. Looking like they do, these tiles won’t only be reserved for bathrooms, but for kitchens and other parts of your home, too.

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With these ongoing trends, you can get the flooring of your dreams and have your home look as amazing as you’ve imagined it.


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