Home Renovation: All-at-Once vs. Room-by-Room

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Home Renovation All-at-Once vs. Room-by-Room

Necessary home renovation projects are something every homeowner is faced with every once in a while. And when that time comes, the question we are all faced with is whether we should renovate our homes all at once, or we should focus on the room-by-room renovations instead.

Now, in order to be able to answer this question, there are a lot of factors you need to consider first, such as your living situation, the budget you are working with, the amount of time you have to dedicate to the renovation project and so on. Here, we will explore some of the main factors you should consider before you decide how you want to approach things, so check them out.

The designThe design

When talking about the overall design of your home, some may argue that in order to be able to achieve a cohesive design you should renovate your home all at once. While that is definitely considered to be easier from this point of view, the fact of the matter is that you can easily balance out the overall design of your home and end up with a cohesive environment even if you opt for the room-by-room approach. The design is something you should consider and determine before you even start redecorating and renovating, so the manner in which you wish to approach it shouldn’t make a difference in the outcome.

The budget

Next, you definitely need to determine a strict budget before you embark on your remodeling journey and try to stick to it as much as possible. Here, aside from the renovation costs themselves, you need to include the costs of temporary relocation as well, if you are going to renovate your home all at once. For instance, in Australia, people choose to rent out an alternative living space during the renovation so that they can use all the commodities of a functional living unit until theirs is finished and ready to be used. Furthermore, if your home has only one bathroom, any Perth plumber will advise on relocating during the renovation so that you can seamlessly take care of your everyday needs and they can take care of the remodel without any interruptions.

The living arrangementThe living arrangement

As mentioned earlier, you should determine your living arrangement before the start of the renovation project as well. For instance, if you opt to approach the matter room by room, in most cases you will be able to use your home as you previously did, with the exception of the room that’s currently being remodeled. However, if you choose the all-at-once approach, you will need to find some other living arrangement until the end of the project.

The practicality of your decision

Finally, if you have decided on the all-at-once approach but you have chosen to stay at home as well, do know that there will be some major hindrances before you. Not only will you be faced with numerous construction workers no matter where you move in your home, but you will also be slowing them down and bothering them while they work. This will cause the entire project to last significantly longer than it should and will definitely amplify the overall dissatisfaction and stress. Therefore, relocate to either a hotel, motel or an Airbnb unit until all the work is done, to make the whole project significantly easier on everyone involved.

Therefore, sit down and think long and hard about all of these points before you decide how you want to approach the matter. Both approaches definitely have their pros and cons, but you should choose the one that is most suitable for you, your family and your overall tempo, to reduce the amount of stress involved as much as possible.

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