Health Regimes to Follow for a Successful Cosmetic Surgery and Recovery

How to maintain speedy recovery after cosmetic surgery.

You might think that cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with your health, and you might treat it similar to waxing your eyebrows or getting lip fillers. However, while plastic surgery might not have anything to do with enhancing your health, your health does play a role in the success rate of the procedure, any post-procedural complications as well as recovery time. Of course, this will vary from one procedure to the next, and you must consult with your doctor to confirm any pre- and post-surgery regimen, but here are some tips and advice that are requirements for all procedures.


You never hear people talk badly about protein, and it’s not a coincidence. Proteins are the building blocks of our body, they help regenerate and repair muscle and skin tissue and generally keep us running. Whenever you have invasive surgery, you can be sure that some of your tissue is going to need repairs, and that is where protein comes in. It will speed up the healing process and shorten your recovery time. It’s important to know that as long as you stick to the daily recommendations, that’s enough. Getting too much protein won’t get your recovery time to zero, but it might cause issues in other areas.


We all know that vitamins are important for our health, and each of them does a different thing that keeps us healthy. For your surgery, the most important one is probably vitamin C – the holy grail of health. That is because vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning in cases of procedures that it will minimize the bruising within the area, while at the same time dilating your blood vessels and allowing more blood to come to the damaged area, promoting faster healing.


Many surgeries will leave scars, or even whole areas of your skin tender and damaged. This is where you want to be especially careful, as damaged skin, if not taken care of properly, can heal badly and leave very visible scars – not to mention causing complications and hurting. Your location and the season will factor into this: if you are having skin altering cosmetic surgery in Sydney, where it’s usually hot and sunny, you’ll want to protect that area of your body. You want to do this both before your surgery, because sunburnt skin will be a lot trickier to work with and more painful to heal; as well as after surgery, because direct sunlight won’t do much good for fading your scars and promoting healing. So, make sure you’re using sunscreen, and cover up your body to shield it from direct sunlight.

What to avoid

Especially one week before surgery, you’ll want to avoid eating certain foods. Your doctor will give you the complete list, but the most important thing is refined sugar and some medication. Sugar will lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to complications during the procedure, while different kinds of blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory drugs (most painkillers) can cause issues with too much bleeding and problems with anesthesia. Alcohol should also be completely cut out, because it thins the blood, and cigarettes, because they narrow the blood vessels.

After your surgery

For the first few days after surgery, you want to stick to soft, light foods. Firstly, because you might experience constipation due to stress and trauma, and secondly, because you don’t want to overburden your system with processing heavy foods while it’s trying to heal. After the first couple of days, you want to focus on monosaturated fats that are found in things like avocado and olive oil, as well as antioxidants like dark berries and leafy greens to help with fighting any inflammation and speeding up your recovery.

It’s important to understand you can’t “cheat” on this regime, and that by doing so, you will only be hurting yourself. If you’re already committed to paying for and going through the procedure, the least you can do is prepare for it well and give yourself the best chances for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. So ask your doctor for specifics you should be following and stick to them for as long as they say so, and you’ll thank yourself later.


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