5 Adventure Activities You Should Try in Sydney

Things you should try when visiting Sydney.
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Sydney may be known as a city of thousand beaches, but that doesn’t mean that all it has in store is casual beach fun. Quite the contrary. Sydney is also the hot spot for adrenaline seekers and adventure junkies. So, if you want to satisfy your daredevil nature the next time you visit Sydney, you might want to look into the following adventure options that you could conquer.

1. Climber’s paradiseSydney

If you’re someone who enjoys a nice height, you’ll definitely find Sydney to be to your liking. For starters, don’t miss the opportunity to climb the Blue Mountains near the city. Abseiling and climbing are some of the most popular activities and you’ll definitely get your fair share of excitement and breathtaking views. If you’re interested in something more “urban”, you’ll thoroughly enjoy scaling the summit of Sydney Harbour Bridge. This will be a climb of your life, featuring some amazing panoramic views and a great deal of information about the structure from the climb leader.

2. Engage in water adventures

As a coastal city, it’s only logical that Sydney has plenty of possibilities to offer to those who prefer to get wet and explore the watery depths. In case you like the mix of speed and seawater, make sure to ride a jet boat across Sydney Harbour. And for a more tranquil adventure, you can always enjoy a kayaking trip on this same route, and take the time to exercise both your body and mind. Of course, scuba diving is one of the city’s most popular water sports, and you can take this opportunity to dive into the watery depths and explore the rich marine life buzzing underneath. There’s also Whitewater rafting on Olympic Course for true thrill seekers.

3. Ravish in beautiful nature

If you’re a big nature enthusiast and want to experience everything that the planet has to offer first-hand, you won’t miss out on activities in Sydney. For starters, you can rent a bike in Centennial Parklands and explore the green suburbs of the city. Of course, nothing will get you as close to nature as a visit to The Royal Botanic Gardens. There are plenty of events and organizations to satisfy all levels of daredevils, including the spectacular Sydney NYE tickets for an unforgettable party! What’s more, you can also explore the hidden oasis known as Wendy’s Secret Garden for even more amazing encounters with towering trees and native plants.

4. Explore the city from high aboveRavish in beautiful nature

A perfect adventure for couples and families, taking a ride in a hot air balloon above Sydney is bound to leave you breathless; even more so if you get to witness the sunset from the balloon. This experience will definitely be something you get to remember forever, but if hot air balloon ride is not adrenaline-boosting enough for you, you can always get a more thrilling view of Sydney’s landscapes as you take up skydiving. There are plenty of skydiving spots across Sydney, but beach drops seem to be the most popular.

5. Go under in The Land Down Under

Sydney always has a way to surprise, and in that respect, you might be excited to learn that this wonderful city hides a range of spectacular caves, as well. Jenolan Caves seem to be at the top of the list when it comes to dropping below ground to see some incredible sights. Breathtaking underground rivers and limestone formations will definitely be worth your adventurous while.

Adventuring in Sydney never stops, so don’t hesitate to make this city a part of your itinerary when looking for the best places in the world that can allow you to be as much of a daredevil as you’d like. You’ll definitely have the time of your life!


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