4 Tips for a Great Customer-Friendly Culture

In order to make your customers buy from you, come back for more, and even praise your enterprise wherever they go, you need to find a way to make your organization more customer-friendly.

In order to make your customers buy from you, come back for more, and even praise your enterprise wherever they go, you need to find a way to make your organization more customer-friendly. By doing so, you’ll enhance your public image and make it a lot easier to provide your clients with outstanding customer experience. As Humphrey Bogart said in We’re No Angels (1955), you’re not selling a product but an idea. So, here are four tips on how you can capitalize on this concept and create a great customer-friendly culture for your enterprise.

1.      Great customer support

When it comes to the vast majority of people, what they need always takes precedence over what you want. Your customer support is the one in charge of your customers when they are in need of information or when they need a solution to a problem. This makes them pivotal in creating a customer-friendly culture. This starts with hiring the right people for the job. Here, you need to learn how to recognize the right personality type. Other than this, you need to provide them with tools, training, and procedures to maximize their efforts. It’s a lot of effort but it’s definitely worth it.

2.      Customer management makes all the difference

Speaking about the overall customer satisfaction, customer management makes all the difference. Depending on whether you’re behind a brick and mortar establishment or a digital (e-commerce) enterprise, this will require different methods to improve. For a traditional business, a  great visitor management app is crucial, seeing as how it can organize people on-spot and queue them up without requiring direct involvement of your staff. As for the digital business, a quick and seamless checkout process is vital. In fact, more and more e-commerce platforms allow one to make a purchase without ever having to register. By speeding up the process and getting people what they need somewhat faster, you’re doing everyone a favor.

4 Tips for a Great Customer-Friendly Culture


3.      Post-sale follow up

The next thing you need to think about is your post-sale follow up. You see, your customers know that you want them to buy their product and the bulk of them don’t harbor any illusions that you care for them on a personal level. However, showing your affection even after the sale is completed might be a nice gesture. In fact, it will even make them come for more. There’s a statistic that 27 percent of people who are satisfied with a deal tend to come back, regardless of your follow-up. With the follow-up, the results get even better.

4.      A lenient return policy

One last thing you need to take into consideration is the lenient return policy. Namely, sometimes your clients won’t be happy with the product that you’ve delivered and, at other times, the product will be faulty. Allowing a full refund in these scenarios may hurt your profits but it will definitely paint you as customer-friendly, even customer-focused. A single unit (or even several of them), are not going to make a difference when it comes to your profit. However, a bad review or bad word of mouth might make so much damage.


For a lot of organizations, the slogan that the customer is always right, stands as the embodiment of this idea. The problem, nonetheless, lies in the fact that this slogan is A) ideologically outdated and B) simply not enough. Being assertive with words is not the same thing as going above and beyond to take care of your customers and tend to their needs. This is why you need the above-listed four methods on your side in order to make a compelling argument in your favor. In other words, this is the concept of “show do not tell” in its base form.


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