5 Incredible Ways to Repair Leaky Roof


Your roof seems to be the holding point of your house. It is mostly underrated but once something gets wrong with it, you have to call experts to cover roof repairs. Repairing old and leaky roof is quite crucial but not impossible. There are 5 selected ways in which you can cover roof repairs, but avoid trying to work on it on your own. You need experts to help you in this regard. They have been associated with roof repairs Frankston for a long time and can gladly share 5 of the incredible ways with you.

  1. How to find difficult leaks?

You will only get to repair a leak in the roof once you are able to find it. If you think that the leak is quite difficult to find, make sure to enlist a helper for that. Move towards the roof with the garden hose. Start by soaking the area to see the spaces from where water is dripping inside the house. Isolate areas while running the hose. Ask your helper to stay inside the house and mark the areas from where water is dripping. Those are the leaky spots.

  1. Straighten up and reattach curled shingles:

With time the corners of asphalt shingles will start to curl up. Try to smoothen out those curled back shingles and use a caulking gun to apply a dab of roof sealant under raised roof. Press those shingles down and then use a trowel. It is used for covering the edges of shingles with roof cement. As shingles are brittle during winter months, you have to soften it up first with a blow dryer.

  1. How to work on damaged shingle?

Try to lift the damaged shingle first. Later, remove the old nails with a hammer and use a pry bar to lift the shingle above damaged ones. In case the replacement shingle is pre-cut to proper shape and length, slide it right into the allotted space. If not, then cut down the shingle to proper length before sliding it in. Fasten new shingle to the roof with nails and hammer. Lastly, apply roofing adhesive to heads of every nail and press down the shingles firmly.

  1. What are the temporary fixes?

Before calling an expert for Roof Repairs Ringwood, you have to work on temporary fixes for leaky roofs. If you have one rubber patch, apply it with the instructions that come with the patch. Make sure to have a roof patch handy so that you can fix leaky roof any time of the day. It is easily available from any hardware store and within affordable rates. So, no need to waste money on high-end rubber patches for your roofs.

  1. How to repair the crack with roof sealant?

There is always no need to replace shingle with a clean tear. In its place, you can apply a thicker layer of roof sealant under crack with a caulking gun.  Press the shingle down and then start applying another sealant bead over crack. Make sure to use one putty knife for spreading top bead over both edges of the said crack.

These five simple yet effective tricks will work out magically for you whenever you are aiming for repairing leaky roofs. Don’t forget to contact experts as they know the right tricks to follow in here.

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