How to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress like a Pro

Great tips on how to accessorize your little black dress like a pro
How to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress like a Pro

The Little Black Dress is probably one of the most iconic staples in every woman’s wardrobe. While it’s a perfect choice of outfit for many occasions, it can often look a little plain if you don’t know how to accessorize your LBD. So, no more confusion! Here are all the ways you can accompany your little black dress and lift up your style even higher.

A chunky belt

If you’re very proud of your figure, you can further show off your shape with a chunky belt. Just clasp it around your waist (place it at the smallest part of your waist) and watch as your silhouette gets even better. This trick also gives shape to looser dress models and provides you with a little pop of interest against the black.

Bold, colorful jewelry

No matter if you choose a bold necklace or dangly earrings, these can always add a little color or interest to your fairly simple outfit. While neon colors are very popular today, if they are too bold for you, you can choose a classic route and opt for rich gemstones or soft pastels. Regardless of your jewelry, the simplicity of your dress is a perfect opportunity to make your jewels shine and attract the right attention. Just keep in mind that not all LBDs are created equal. If the dress has some textures or patterns on it, it’s best to go a little less complex with jewelry to achieve a nice balance.

A watch or a broochA watch or a brooch

If you want to show off your sporty or professional side, accessorize your look with a nice watch. And don’t be scared to go bold and chunky—beautiful Japanese watches are a perfect accessory that will add interest and boldness to your look. No matter if mechanical or quartz, your watch will look good on your wrist and spice up your look. If you want to go even more classical, a nice brooch will do the trick.

Shirts or sweaters

If you want an accessorizing idea that’s very versatile and practical, you can grab your fave sweater or shirt and make your dress look like a skirt. A loosely buttoned shirt is always a good idea for those casual nights out. If you’re aiming for a preppy look, get a women’s button-down shirt and wear it under your dress. Make sure to create a nice contrast with a shirt in any other color but black so your sleeves and collar really pop. Feeling nostalgic? Wear a t-shirt under your sleeveless little black dress for a touch of 90s vibe.

Jackets and cardigans

If bold cardigans, jackets and vests are your thing, just know what you can easily combine them with your LBD. These will not only offer interest and warmth but also make your look stand out in a very elegant and feminine way. Just pay attention to your silhouette—you don’t want to look too bulky on the top and too thin at the bottom.

Long, bold coat

This one is for the bold dressers. If you want to break up the monochromatic look of your outfit, throw on a long and bold coat. Something floor-length in bright green or something mid-calf in floral print will attract all the attention you need.

Interesting footwearInteresting footwear

Your little black dress will give you a lot of freedom to experiment when it comes to footwear—any style will work. Aiming for something formal for the office or fun for the night out? Choose high heels. Aiming for a casual look? Go with sneakers. Want something light and airy for the summer? Choose sandals. Make sure to play with colors and textures to add more interest to your look and show off your creativity and fashion sense.

Colorful tights

Colder weather requires some added warmth, and there’s no better way to do so than with a pair of colorful tights. For a very daring look, you can go purple, orange or bright red will give your night-out look just what it needs. For the office or classes, stay elegant and professional with black, brown or nude tights.

With your little black dress, you will have a lot of freedom to experiment, explore your aesthetics and look fresh and interesting every day. As long as you have an LBD model that fits your body to the T, you will look absolutely amazing with only a few accessories.

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