Why You Need To Understand The Basics Of Car Servicing?

If you are looking for Toyota service in NSW or any other full services, get a quote from us, and we will give you the best of services.

Do you need to get your car serviced? Are you looking for a workshop that has a service centre in Sydney for your Honda?

Our experienced technicians can perform these car services:

Computerized Diagnostics

We help to analyze the car accurately and quickly. The engineers scan the wheels on the onboard computer, diagnose the problems, and service the problem accordingly.

Factory-scheduled Maintenance

We render routine car maintenance that is required at regular intervals, as mentioned in the auto-manual. Service is usually needed after the car runs 30000 miles, 60000 miles, and so on.

Engine Tune-Up and Repairs

Cleansing and substituting the spark plugs are included in the car tune-up, while the older cars include the distributor cap and the rotor. Fuel filters, oxygen sensors, and PCV valves also get displaced in this process.

Transmission Repair and Services

Changing the engine oil, cleaning the screen or filter, and monitoring the pan or sump is the part of the transmission process.

Expert Brake Services

Our professionals check for the braking systems of the car and treat them if needed.

Air Conditioning and Cooling System

Any problems with the workings of the AC, we are here to help you.

Steering & Suspension

Whether you are experiencing noise while driving over bumps, bouncing of vehicle, hard turning, wandering wheels or uneven tire wear, contact us, and allow us to help you.

Exhaust System Repair

A damaged exhaust system keeps you in danger. So next time you notice the change in the silencer sound, seek our help.

Performance Upgrades & other services

Want to upgrade the performance parts of the vehicle or need any services other than the said services, we are here to help.

In general, there are two types of brakes: disc and drum brakes. Apart from that, every vehicle comes with two additional brakes known as emergency brake and anti-lock brake.

Have a look at these different types of brakes in the article below.

Disc brakes

Disc brakes are the most widely used. It consists of a brake rotor that is attached directly to the wheel. Hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder causes the caliper to press against the brake pads. The friction between the pads and the rotor causes the vehicle to slow down and stop.

Drum brakes

As the name suggests, this type of brake contains a brake drum that is attached inside the wheel. When the brake pedal is pressed, hydraulic pressure pushes two brake shoes against the brake drum. This creates friction and causes the vehicle to stop.

 Emergency brakes

Also known as parking brakes, this is a backup braking system that works independently of the service brakes. While different cars will have different kinds of emergency brakes, but all these are powered by cables which mechanically apply pressure to the wheels. They are usually used to keep the park vehicles stationary while parked but can also be used in an emergency when the fixed brakes fail.

Anti-lock brakes

Anti-lock brakes or ABS are mostly found in the latest cars. When the brakes are applied suddenly, the vehicle skids, ABS prevents the wheels from locking to keep the tires from skidding. ABS is beneficial on wet and slippery roads.

If you own the latest model of Toyota cars and your ABS is not working, then you should get it to repair from Foxman Automotive which also services Toyota in Sydney along with other brands as well.

In conclusion

If you are looking for Toyota service in NSW or any other full services, get a quote from us, and we will give you the best of services. Brakes are one of the most critical safety features of a vehicle. While there are many different types of brakes that you should know about because it can help you feel better informed when caring for and repairing your brakes.  Moreover, if your VW car needs new brakes or needs to be serviced, then you can visit Foxman Automotive as they varied car services.

If you are looking for Toyota service in NSW or any other full services, get a quote from us, and we will give you the best of services.

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