4 Simple Steps to Overcome Back Pain

Back Pain is commonly faced by every person so here are 4 simple ways to get relief from back pain permanently. The main reason of back pain is Poor sitting posture. So always try to use Serta office chairs for ultimate comfort from Sciatica or chronic back pain.

Standing for a long time, especially while carrying a bag that is too heavy, can cause pain around your back. The pain that is felt when back pain can certainly disrupt vacation plans and you will feel very disturbing.
Back pain can be a sign of body fatigue. But if accompanied by other symptoms, back pain may be a sign that there is a problem with your spine.
But if back pain is suddenly felt in the middle of your trip, there is actually an easy way to apply it to relieve it. You only need ice cubes and ointments to relieve pain. The treatment can also be done in the middle of time to rest before heading to the next destination. You want to know-how

1)First step
When back pain begins to feel annoying, immediately get enough ice cubes. Ice cubes will be used to compress the back so that the pain subsides. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean or plastic cloth. Then, place the ice on your back that feels pain.
While compressing, try a simple massage around your back. If you feel difficulties, you can ask for help from family or closest people to place ice cubes in a place that hurts. Leave the compress on your back for about 12 minutes while continuing to massage.
The ice cubes will work giving a feeling of cold to the skin. This feeling of cold will not only relieve pain but can also reduce inflammation in the surrounding muscles and tissues. If it is missing, you can continue to let the ice cube compress at least until it melts. But be sure to rest your skin every 20 minutes.

2)Second step
After applying an ice cube compress, back pain can also be relieved by applying an essential oil. There are some ointment products that are dedicated specifically to relieve pain in the body.
Some ointments such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen are often used when pain begins. This makes this type of ointment appropriate to carry in a medication box that is transported during the holidays.
In some pains, especially if the spasms that occur do not tear the ligament, they can be treated by applying ointment. But if the symptoms get worse and are more disturbing, immediately perform a thorough examination to detect the disease as soon as possible.

3)Third step
Some circular movements and gentle stimulation of the back can be done to increase the immunity of the lower back. In fact, these movements can relieve and prevent muscle cramps.
To start doing this, lie on the floor, on a bed or on a flat surface. Then place both arms down, right next to the body. Then, squeeze the abdominal muscles and gently press your back towards the floor. Hold the position for 12 seconds and rest your back before starting the movement again.

4)Fourth step
After completing all the previous movements, continue with the new movement. In this step, try to lift both legs and arms. Lift as high as possible and hold the position for a few moments. But don’t be too aggressive and rest if you consider it necessary.
Because as you know the main cause of back pain is a weak sitting posture. So try to use Serta office chairs for a long hour sitting in an office or at home. And always select high lumbar support chair for most comfortable sitting.

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