Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for Autumn Season


Several professional carpet cleaning services recommend cleaning of carpets twice a year, especially during autumn. The late autumn is the best season to clean the carpet. The reason why autumn is the best season to clean the carpet is to make it ready for the time of the festival and to make the environment at home healthy. Moreover, carpet cleaning during the autumn can eliminate the allergens of the summer and other seasons. If you do not want to invite your guests where the carpet stinks, or look dull and sticky, cleaning it in autumn is a must.

The following points suggest a few carpet cleaning tips during the autumn season.

  1. Preparing the vacuum and cleaning method

During the fall, you should try to clean the carpet more vigorously. Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the vacuum cleaner to ensure that it stays prepared for the task. The autumn is another season to invest in a new cleaner. The allergic agents spread rapidly during autumn and aggravate during the winter. Therefore, you should remove the allergens during autumn and stay fit in the winter.

If you allow the dirt to settle on the carpet, they can attach to the top layers of the fabric. Therefore, you may find it difficult to remove stubborn dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Preferably, you should clean the dirt from food or liquid spills as soon as you can. Furthermore, you can vacuum about twice a week and remove dust to make the carpet stay intact. Regular carpet cleaning does not allow the dirt and dust to become stubborn.

  1. Blotting and removing grease 

For carpet cleaning Knoxfield during the fall, it is necessary to apply a cleaning solution on the stains and clean it with a sponge or a soft cloth. However, you should blot the stains at first, which exerts a little pressure to allow the cloth or sponge to soak the stain. Do not rub the stain aggressively as it not only ruins the carpet fibres but also spreads the stain unnecessarily. When it comes to greasing stains, you need to drop a little bit of dishwasher diluted in water. The soap helps in cutting down the greasy stain and keeps the carpet clean.

  1. Dealing with spills

More and more people consume hot beverages during the fall as the weather starts becoming cool. Therefore it is not unnatural for kids and adults to spill a mug of hot chocolate during the celebrations of fall. As soon as the guests leave, you should deal with the spill. Using detergent or a solution containing water and vinegar can make the carpet stains less stringent. If you allow the spill to dry up, the stain becomes harder to remove.

  1. Minimising the chances of dirt and dust

Before you clean the stains from the carpet, you need to reduce the dirt and dust that easily embed deep into the fibres. The best you can do is place a good-quality doormat at the entrance and restrict the number of people moving inside the house wearing shoes. If you ask people to leave the shoes outside, you may notice a considerable difference as far as the cleanliness of your carpet is concerned.

Professional cleaning is essential

You should take help from expert cleaners before the holiday season and get good advice about the maintenance of the carpet. The proper amount and the quality of the cleaning agent are essential for maintaining the carpet and keeping it clean.

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