How Much Do Family Lawyers Cost in Sydney


When you have to hire a family lawyer, it can be stressful from many angles. The emotional and mental pressure of your case is exacerbated by the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. Family lawyers are one of the most in-demand lawyers. They cover a wide variety of common issues such as divorce and separation, child custody, child and spousal support and more. If you’re going through any of these issues then chances are that you will eventually have to hire a family lawyer. Regardless of the issue, it’s inevitable that at one point in your life you will have to hire a lawyer.

Lawyers, for almost any issue, can be expensive, especially if they are located in Sydney. Major cities and business districts tend to have lawyers who charge more per hour. However, location is not the only determinant of a lawyer’s fee. There are many more variables that contribute to how expensive a lawyer’s initial and final fee will be. In this article will break down the contributing factors to a family lawyer’s costs so that you can determine what fees to expect from your lawyer.

What determines the cost of your family lawyer?

Variables of each case

Each case is unique so, don’t expect there to be a price list for different types of cases. Depending on the amount of time, expertise, the urgency of the matter and more, lawyers can easily add more money to your bill. Here’s a list of variables that will affect the legal costs that you incur. If you find that your case may be affected by these variables then you can expect a higher than average bill.

  • The complexity of your case
    • Is your case more complicated than usual? If your lawyer needs to do additional research, consult other legal experts and spend extra time on your case then he or she will charge you more.
  • The urgency of your matter
    • If your matter needs to be resolved especially quickly then this may involve your lawyer placing you as a priority and ahead of other cases.
  • Need for expert witnesses
    • If an expert witness will strengthen your case, then you will have to cover the cost of their testimony. This is usually charged by an hourly rate and will differ according to the type of expert witness (medical experts tend to be the most expensive).

Professional fees

Professional fees are the regular costs that you expect from a lawyer and are based on their experience, seniority in a law firm and the time that they took to complete a task. For one-off tasks, there’s usually a fixed fee, however, a family lawyer will have to do more than just a one-off task. Most lawyers charge by an hourly rate. You can expect your cost per hour to be the least with a paralegal and the most with a senior partner in a law firm. Every year the legal costs of lawyers increase so, always ensure to ask a lawyer what their current cost per hour is.

Miscellaneous costs

Miscellaneous costs include everything from taxi rides to printing costs and filing fees. While they may seem negligible on any given day, in the context of a legal matter, it can quickly add up and increase the cost of your final bill.

Where you find your lawyer

As mentioned previously, where you find your lawyer will also determine the costs that you incur. Sydney and Sydney CBD lawyers tend to be the most expensive. Additionally, your lawyer’s experience, the type of firm they work at and their reputation can either bump up or knock down your cost per hour.

While expensive, lawyers are completely worth it, especially in a family legal matter. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can always contact Legal Aid NSW or arrange a fixed fee agreement with your lawyer. There are avenues available to ensure that you get competent legal advice and representation.

If you are going through a divorce, separation or support dispute, then we strongly recommend that you hire a family lawyer. A family lawyer will be able to guide and support you throughout your case and provide the expertise needed to give you the best possible out outcome. There are many family lawyers in Sydney who will be able to help your case. Though family lawyers are expensive, there are many options that can provide some financial relief. It’s better to be legally guided by experts who hold your interest as their first priority.

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