How to get a better electro stimulation workout


An electro stimulation workout is extremely effective and more beneficial than conventional exercise. However, there’s always room for improvement and ways to maximise your results. Often, people do not think about their electrical muscle stimulation training holistically. Workouts are usually approached one-dimensionally. That is to say that only the actual workout is focussed on, nothing else. However, before, during and after workouts are incredibly important in determining your energy levels, efficiency and motivation among other things. For any workout, there are steps and practices one can follow to ensure that maximum health benefits, muscle growth and weight loss are achieved. Let’s take a look at what steps you can introduce to your life to increase the effectiveness of your electrical muscle stimulation workout.

Drink plenty of water before your electrical muscle stimulation workout

One of the lesser-known benefits of drinking water before your electrical muscle stimulation workout is that it helps to conduct the electrical impulses. This is because water is stored in your muscles so, drinking a healthy amount of water before your workout helps to maximise the effectiveness of the conducted electrical pulses. A better-known reason is that water, hydrates you, an important element during exercise that helps you to stay focussed. It also helps with your recovery after your session as it makes it less painful. Water lubricates your joints making your workouts less painful and regulates your body temperature. After your exercise is also important because, through sweat, water is lost therefore you should consume enough to replenish your system.

Have a cup of coffee before your workout
There’s a reason that most persons start their mornings with a cup of coffee—it gives you energy! That energy comes from the stimulation of your central nervous system by the coffee’s caffeine. Coffee has also been known to lessen the recovery time after your exercise. Drink a cup of coffee about half an hour before your workout session–this will give it enough time to kick in and last for your workout, ensuring that you stay motivated and hyped throughout the entire session. Remember to stay hydrated as caffeine dehydrates you.

Workout to your favourite playlist
Create a playlist filled with your favourite energetic songs. Listen to this on the way to your electro stimulation workout session and feel your motivation for the high-intensity training class grow. Listening during your workout can also do more than just relieve your boredom. It can help you to increase your stamina and push you to do longer exercises, thereby paving the way for a more effective workout.

Eat foods with potassium after your electrical muscle stimulation training session
Potassium is a nutrient that is lost through sweat, along with sodium, during exercise. Potassium is a key nutrient that helps to transport nutrients, such as water, to your muscles, enabling the entire muscle building process which eventually leads to strengthening. It is also extremely important for muscle contraction. If your potassium levels are not high enough you could become susceptible to muscle cramps, a big hindrance to your exercise routine. Potassium also plays a role in the storage of carbohydrates to fuel, your energy source during exercise.

Turn your phone on aeroplane mode or silent
Phone notifications are a major source of distraction that can completely derail your session, even if you don’t attend to it. Mentally you may become disturbed if you hear your phone chime during your workout (another reason to listen to music). Physically, actively stopping your workout to check your phone can ruin your stamina and motivation. Your workout is your ‘you time’. If you need your phone to listen to music, put it on silent or aeroplane mode so that you aren’t aware of its notification. If you don’t need your phone, then even better! Leave it in your car or the gym’s locker room.

Now that we understand the steps to take before during and after an electrical stimulation training session, here are some of the benefits that it can bring to your workout.

–>   Reduced recovery time
–>   Reduced chances of injury
–>   More energy during the workout
–>   Improved muscle growth and strengthening
–>   Consistent motivation before during and between workout sessions
–>   Increased positive moods

Electrical muscle stimulation training is a great workout on its own. It increases the efficiency of your traditional workout methods and yields results much faster. This is especially helpful for an electrical muscle stimulation work out because it is a great tool to help those in recovery and rehabilitation with weight loss, body toning goals and muscle strengthening. So, it would mean that all of these benefits are achieved much faster and more efficiently.

If you are interested in using EMS training as a form of training or therapy while injured remember to seek advice from a medical professional before you start a program.

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