6 Essential Planning Considerations When Building Your Perfect Custom Home


Building a home is one of the biggest steps and biggest investments you’ll ever make in your life. Since it requires a lot of time, money, and patience, you better spend some serious thought on planning. And planning is not all about figuring out how many rooms you need and where to put your pool. Building a functional house without emptying your bank account involves many different considerations that range from budgeting and resale to insulation and lighting. So, leave nothing to the case with these essential planning considerations for building a custom home.

Budget well

As we stated above, building a custom home is a big investment, even if everything goes perfectly. However, you can always expect some additional charges, so make sure your wallet can handle it. For instance, an average Australian building a new house can expect to spend a few thousand dollars more than what they had planned due to last-minute-changes, permission costs, and broken deadlines. If someone in such a developed country accidentally goes over the budget, everyone can expect this unpleasant surprise. So, make sure to revise your financial plan and reserve at least 5% of your total budget for emergencies.

Consider resale

No matter if you’re planning to stay in your house for the rest of your life, it’s always a good idea to plan for resale. Things can change and plans go astray, so who knows when you might be forced to sell your house. So, do your best to create a house that’s stylish and fits your needs, but can also satisfy the needs of future buyers. Keep in mind that too many unusual design choices can result in your house staying on the market for a long time.

Grab a bundle package

Want to save some money on your future house? People all over the world, but especially in Australia, invest in bundle services that leave some extra money in your pocket and allow you to build a completely custom home for you and your family. If you look around online, you can find experienced new home builders in Brisbane selling the practical house and land packages that are more affordable than buying a plot and building a house on it separately. This purchase also allows you to limit the circle of people working on your house and decrease paperwork, scheduling conflicts, and negotiations. Additionally, you can be completely involved in the design, layout and building process from the get-go!

Go big on insulation

No matter where you live, Australia or Canada, you need to splurge on insulation. Improper insulation can result in a constant waste of hot and cool air and cost you thousands in air conditioning and heating. If you go big on insulation, expect to reduce your energy bills (your heating and cooling cost can drop by 15%) and create a comfortable and harmonious living environment. Also, you can live a greener life since your energy waste will be at the minimum.

Do some material sourcing

While your contractor can get all of the things for your future home, it’s smart to consider looking into some materials yourself. Contractors can get a better deal on things like pipes, flooring, and siding, but it might be better for you to look into amenities like heaters, bathtubs, and such. An individual like yourself can find a better deal if you just take your time, do some research, and compare your findings. In some cases, you can even opt for used items—many of these look 100% like new, so you can get a great price for mint-condition fixtures and amenities.

Be present

Even the most organized construction sites and best contractors often experience small set-backs and get forced to make executive decisions on the spot. So, if you want to have the final say in everything that’s going on with your house, make sure to be present at the site as much as you can. Some small things like outlet positions, plumbing layout, and lighting fixtures can all affect the functionality of your house, so don’t leave anything to chance. Also, with you on the site, slacking off will be kept at the minimum!

Custom house building is a complicated process, but if you use these tips, you will be able to make substantial savings and end up with a house of your dreams.

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