6 Facts about Air Conditioner Installation


Installing an air conditioning system at home appears simple and straightforward, but there is more to it that homeowners should know. It is not just calling an air conditioning service to complete the process of installation. Several homeowners are not familiar with the preparation needed at home for the installation of the AC, but a little bit of preparation can make the process seamless.

Here are the facts to know about the installation procedure of the AC system.

  1. Understand the system

The AC system is not the one-size-fits-all as there are different types of systems with different features. Ask a reliable air conditioning service Frankston for an opinion about the type of AC to get, whether ducted or split for your home. Once you know how each AC works, you are in a better position to decide the type of AC you want. Most people make the wrong decisions regarding the choice of AC and pay more utility bills every month.

  1. Size of the AC

Now you know the type of AC you want, so it is necessary to get the right size of the cooling unit. If the unit constantly runs for several hours, choosing a small-sized AC cannot fulfil your requirements when the heat is at its peak. On the other hand, a large-sized AC may consume more electricity and make your energy bills massive every month. Therefore, you should talk to the installer about the significance of choosing the correct size of AC and enjoying the optimum cooling effect.

  1. Check the air quality

You are already aware that the quality of air is one of the crucial aspects to consider making your home comfortable with the cooling effect of the AC. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the airflow of your home. Calling an AC expert is necessary to make sure that the airflow is smooth.

  1. Choose the right contractor

Choosing the right air conditioning service is one of the necessary steps for making the AC installation correct. Although you can start with recommendations, there are a couple of other factors to consider before choosing a contractor. For instance, the location of the office of the AC contractor to know how soon they can reach your place and the number of years for which they are in service are two of the other factors to keep in mind. Apart from this, you should know the qualifications of the technicians working with them before consolidating the decision. Make your decision based on the reputation of the contractor and the quality of service they deliver.

  1. Cleaning and sealing the ducts

Cleaning the old ducts and letting the air out is a necessary step for installing the AC system as the dust and dirt particles accumulating in the vents can damage the AC unit, which in turn can damage the AC unit. Furthermore, dust particles can impact the air quality of your home. If you are not confident about cleaning the AC vents, you can ask the contractor to do the cleaning work.

  1. Installation of drain pipes

Proper installation of drain pipes is significant to make the AC installation work perfect and make sure it facilitates the reverse flow of water into the unit. Furthermore, leakages can impact the cooling effect of the device and enhance its wear and tear. Therefore, the contractor should check the leakages and close them before installing the drain pipes.

The final word

Following the tips mentioned in the list above can make the installation of the AC correct. Following a proper installation

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