Hills Guide provides you with a smart set of tools to showcase your business and connect to your community through a complete range of listing options.

Beautiful, simple and easy to use, Hills Guide is a fun and friendly place to hook up with your customers.


Business Group Affiliation

Listings within your Business Group are identified by proudly sporting your business group name and appearing in searches containing your group.

Directly Link to Your Members

Business Groups hosed on Hills Guide receive a link to show only the members of the business group. Add the link to your website and your users can find all of YOUR businesses in a flash. (e.g www.hillsguide.com.au/businessgroupname)

The filter can be removed to view all listings. 

Increased Exposure

Unlike your business directory which is largely used internally, Hills Guide is open to the entire Hills. Your business group and your members will benefit from Hills Guide’s greater non exclusive reach.

Save Money & Resources

Don’t reinvent the wheel! 

Hills Guide already has a full featured and functioning Business Directory which is constantly evolving, scaleable and backed-up daily.

Referrer Program

Join our referrer program and use your referral bonus for your business group! By referring businesses to list on Hills Guide, you could make 20% per signup. Contact us to learn more.