Hills Guide contributors publish content, share information and influence the local market, so if you have something to say then we want to hear about it!


Why become a Hills Guide Contributor?

By becoming a Hill Guide Contributor you’ll get free exposure, raise your reputation and profile and be connecting with thousands of businesses in The Hills and surrounds.


You Gain Credibility

Want to prove yourself as an expert within your field? Offer to write a guest blog post on a topic that you have years of experience with. People love to read about the journey to success, particularly when you’re just starting out in the business world, because it’s inspiring and rings true to what they’re working on. Even stories about mistakes made are welcome in the blogosphere. In many cases they’re even more vital because in addition to learning something new, the audience won’t feel like they were “wrong” for what they did anymore.


Link Back to Your Website

While most blogs don’t accept self-promotional material (in which you talk about your product over and over) they do allow for hyperlinks to be included in your bio. Click the link and you get redirected to your website. More clicks equals more traffic and the unique visitors checking you out will begin to mount up.

If you are passionate about The Hills District then Hills Guide’s blog is a great outlet to share your voice and your enthusiasm. By sharing your thoughts, insights and guidance you are supporting the area and local businesses.

Interested in becoming a Hills Guide Contributors? Here are our requirements:

As a Hills Guide Blog Contributor you commit to the following:

1. Provide at least one original blog post per month, at a length of 250 – 450 words

2. Blogs must be written in English with accurate spelling and grammar

3. Agree to your profile, photo, website and contact details appearing alongside each of your blogs as they are published.

4. Your blog must stick to the agreed blog topics (these will be discussed when you apply!)


Suitable Blogging Topics:

* Hills Cafes, Restaurants, Bars writeups and reviews

* Secret spots in The Hills

* Things to do for parents, teenagers, tourists

* Local Top 10 Lists

* Parenting

* Lifestyle

If this sounds like you then email us contact@hillsguide.com.au to discuss this opportunity further!