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Autoflow Irrigation design and install sprinkler systems for residential and acreage properties in the Hills District, as well as sports fields, and schools.

Based in Baulkham Hills, we service Castle Hill, Kenthurst, Glenorie and all the Hills District.


  • Automatic irrigation
  • Smart Controllers (controllable from your phone)
  • Solenoid Valves


Why install automatic irrigation?

To deeply water your properties lawns and gardens each week takes many hours of frustration fighting with hoses that kink all the time. The installation of an automaticsprinkler system will give you back you afternoons and weekends so you can admire your lush green lawns and tend to your gardens in other ways, rather than spending all that time watering it trying to keep it alive, let alone thrive.

Sprinklers are usually installed in lawn areas and are much more cost effective in large open areas than drip irrigation. Pop up sprinklers come as rotor, MP Rotator (See video at bottom of page) and fixed arc, and will lift above the turf and spray the area with water using an interchangeable nozzle to suit the shape and distance required. Once the sprinkler turns off it will simply retract down below the grass.

Rotor sprinklers such as Hunter PGP are used in large open areas and also come with adjustable nozzles to spray different distances. They also have an adjustable arc to suit different shapes. MP Rotator nozzles can be used to water areas up to a width of 9 metres on fewer zones, as the precipitation rate is much lower than fixed arc sprays which means you can water a larger area on one zone compared to fixed arc sprays, saving on installation costs and reducing waste. This also means they are perfect for heavy soils and sloping areas as the water has more time to soak in before run off occurs.

Sprinklers should be installed using 'head to head' spacing. This means where one sprinkler sprays to, the next sprinkler should be installed at this point. This will ensure even water distribution so that the entire lawn receives the same amount of water and you will not have dry spots.

Sprinklers are currently permitted before 10am and after 4pm any day of the week.


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  • Paul van Ross
    October 11, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Used Bryan around 5 years ago. Our system hasn’t missed a beat in all that time. Auto rain sensing and adjusting it definitely makes it easy to maintain 1200sqm.
    Our garden beds and lawn are well watered season in and out. Really hard working guy and took the time to show us how to use the system properly.
    I had several quotes prior, though felt the others hadn’t thought out their proposal and weren’t interested in the solution we wanted (it wasn’t the easiest). Thanks again Bryan!




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